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Interior Design is way more than just pretty cushions! We design spaces that cater to and enhance the lifestyle of its inhabitants by taking careful consideration into how a space will be used. Whether it be a rental property or a private residence, we can help make your house a home.

We can take care of space planning to make sure you get the most out of the precious space you have available, ensuring that functionality and usability is considered. Covering all details you may require, from paint finishes, lighting, furniture, décor and beyond. Whatever it takes to create a home full of life and stories!


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Our ultimate goal is to design a beautiful home that enhances its inhabitants lifestyle, however, we do understand that home owners and tenants come in different shapes and sizes. For this reason we offer different levels of service to suit a variety of budgets and levels of involvement. Here's how it can work for you...


Initial Consultation

We start with a FREE 'getting to know you' meeting where we chat about your project and gather the information we need to proceed.

Design Concept

Once we have agreed on a brief, for a small fee we will put together a design concept for your property in the form of mood boards that show the optimal look and feel, and a layout.

DIY Shopping List

If you are inspired by the design concept but would prefer to take care of the leg work yourself, you can purchase a detailed 'DIY shopping list' or  'Finishing schedule' that will enable you to achieve the concept for yourself.

The Works

Let us take care of the heavy lifting - literally! We can manage your project from design through to ordering, delivery, installation and styling.

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