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We are an experiential interior design studio who hold people and stories at the heart of our work. We believe that design is so much more than just making things look pretty and the thought process required for a successful project is on a much deeper level. Treating every space as an opportunity for a memorable experience, or a story to be told. It’s very easy for a painter to paint a pretty picture and hang it in a gallery to be sold… however, if the picture is not relatable, tells no stories or has no meaning to anyone, it will remain hanging in the gallery looking pretty, waiting to be bought. At For Stories, we feel the same about Interior design. To be successful and have value, a space must be relatable and relevant to those who will use it, whether it be a display home, an Airbnb or a private home, our philosophy is to create spaces that tell stories and speak to its inhabitants on a more meaningful level. For Stories is headed up by Designer Leonnie Effenberger who has over a decade of extensive experience in the interior design industry. After completing her studies in Industrial design, travelling the world working on cruise ships and then embarking on her decade long career as an interior designer, she has worked on an array of projects and has a strong understanding of user experience. From VIP client homes in Harrods, to beach pads, to award winning show homes, to project managing 300 unit developments. Her varied experience has now been narrowed down to create For Stories, focusing on the work she is passionate about.




Designing for hosts is one of our favourite things to do! We help investors and boutique hoteliers transform their accomodation into a unique and memorable experience for their guests, creating spaces that will stand out from the crowd and ensure a greater return on their investment.


We design bespoke display homes for showcasing new developments and aid the sales of new-build properties. ‘Copy and paste’ staging packages don’t always work for developers who are wanting to sell a desirable lifestyle, so we tailor designs to be site specific and appeal to the target audience.


Designing a home is way more than just pretty cushions! We design spaces that cater to and enhance the lifestyle of its inhabitants by taking careful consideration into how a space will be used. Whether it be a rental property or a private residence, we can help make your house a home.



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